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Following rapid growth at Iron and the creation of 5 new sub-entities there was a need for new branding for both Iron Group and it's sub-entities. Considering our workloads during this period the Marcomms team had seeked help from an external resource to come up with a few concepts for Iron’s new logo and drafts of related material, but didn’t seem satisfied with the overall end result.

As I grew our in-house design team and we had more in-house ressources I suggested that we also get involved and got the chance to take over the re-branding efforts.

Role & tools

  • ・Branding
  • ・UI/UX Design
  • ・Design direction
  • ・Adobe CC
  • ・Invision

Above: sample re-branding material


I worked closely with Marcomms team, ideating various branding elements to bring a refreshed and needed re-design of Iron Group’s branding, to also reflect the creation of it’s new sub-entities : Iron Capital, Iron Ads, Iron Academy, Iron Lab and Iron Solutions. One of the biggest pieces of work I produced, an InDesign template, was subsequently re-used as a base to form the brand guidelines of Iron's sub-entities', defining each entity's own colour system whilst respecting core Iron guidelines.

Other branding work involved various elements for a Behance page to put forward some the work we had done and to visually tell the company’s story. For example the animation we created below with the two merging circles represents the idea of both subscription (as in recurring billing) - the core business model and expertise of the group, and a strongly forged partnership between the company's community of entrepreneurs and it's own employees to support business acceleration.

Above: new logo / illustrating it's concept via animation


After obtaining validation by high-level stakeholders I briefed other designers in my team to join the rebranding work and adapt validated re-branded assets to the rest of the group's entities. As a small design team of 4 people with varied levels of experience and skills, it was challenging at first to tackle such a varied and impactful design effort, but it was just as rewarding to be entrusted with giving a fresh look and feel to the company and see it all come together in the end. After this successful rebranding work we then regularly got a variety of new branding-related work briefed in – ie: presentation templates (branded google slide templates and offline templates), business cards, etc.

Above: samples from the Iron Group brand guidelines

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